In 1989, my heart and spirit were touched with an inspiration to create art.  It provided a channel, as well as an obligation, for me to vividly communicate to the world and open new ways for a better understanding.  

A self-taught artist who spent 25 years of my life preparing for the American dream and the next 25 years redefining it.  I pay homage with my ideas and labor to all of my spirits.  To all of the people who have passed through me and made me the person I am and will be. I respect where I come from, where I have been and where I am to go.  The art is a conjunction of found objects, free association, various styles and approaches.

I work mostly with collage and decoupage.  The artwork moves into the large arena of combining various isms and disciplines weaving history, social, cultural studies and literature into a blend of instinctive spontaneous creations of art.




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